Thanks for Giving


Neighborhood Pickup

If you can, go around your neighborhood and collect food from your neighbors, the more them merrier but, don’t stress! Good luck and have fun. Pickup bags will be given out on 10/24/17 and 10/31/17. Good luck and have fun.

Thank You

Thank you, Colonial Toyota for helping us with the Food Drive. You can visit
their website here


Mark your calendars for the 13th Annual Milford Scouts Thanks-for-Giving Food
Drive on Friday, November 10th at noon through Sunday, November 12th at noon.

Milford scouts have been running this unique food drive for 13 years. Over 48
hours, scouts will camp at Wasson Field over 2 days,
collecting, sorting and delivering food donated by generous residents and
staffing tables at local supermarkets to local families. They are collecting
frozen turkeys, non-perishable food items and monetary donations with all
proceeds going to the cause.This past year 388 volunteers played a role in
making this event a success including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,
Venturers, and their family members. 

Thanks for Giving food drive is generously supported by numerous local
businesses. Individuals can drop off food or money now at early drop off points

  • People Bank, downtown, and 636 Boston Post Road locations
  • YMCA, 631 Orange Ave
  • Give a Dog a Bath, 284 Post Rd
  • Adams Supermarket, 1391 New Haven Ave
  • Aquinas Consulting, 601Post Road
  • Colonial Toyota, 470 Post Road
  • City Hall, 110 River St
  • City Clerk’s office, 70 W River St
  • Mathnasium, 201 Cherry St.

Otherwise visit us Nov 10 – 12 at Wasson Field, or one of Milford’s Stop & Shop,
ShopRite or Adams Supermarkets. Over the past 12 years, the drive has collected
more than 85,000 pounds of food including over 3,300 turkeys, and $21,000 to
help feed local families. This year the food drive has been asked to support
additional charities including Beth El Shelter, The Milford Food Bank,
Cornerstone Food Pantry, the John Wrigley Food pantry and more.

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Do you know anybody willing to help?

Give them the following poster!!
2017 thanks-for-giving (White background)

Do you have any questions about the Thanks for Giving food drive?

Click on this link to go to the latest facts about the Thanks for Giving Food Drive!!

Facts about the Scout Thanks for Giving Food Drive with turkey count -2017

What does the Food Drive need?

The Thanks for Giving food drive in 2016 collected over 20,944 food items. They need your help as much as possible. At the begging of the day before the pick up from the shops is gathered we need as much food as possible. Below is the list of items need to help families in need. Thanks for Giving!!



Help Needed


There are 134 things to do for the volunteers in Troop 1. Any help would be appreciated. If you have any questions, email Mr. Mercaldo at:

The food drive is also in need of sponsors. Such a big event needs lots of food to start of. If you know any companies who would be willing to help gather food, contact Mr. Mercaldo at Food can be donated to the food drive but some expired food will be used and have to be thrown away so please encourage no expired food. This is not a place where you can dump your unused food.
Any company not willing to put a box or donate money, such an event costs lots
of money to run, any packing tape, markers or boxes would be appreciated. Thank

If you know any boy or girl scout troops, cub scout packs or anything of the
sort, let Mr. Mercaldo asap so that he can plan what is going to happen.

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The Thanks for Giving Food Drive

Milford Scouts will again lend helping hands to collect and sort food over a 48-hour period so that Milford’s less fortunate families can celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Troop 1 of Milford will host the event this year supported by more than a dozen other Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout units.

The scouts will camp out at Milford’s Wasson Field over 2 days, collecting and sorting food donations from residents and local supermarkets. They are collecting frozen turkeys, non-perishable food items and monetary donations with all proceeds going to the cause.

Over the last eleven years, Milford scouts have collected more than 70,000 pounds of food and 1,600 turkeys.