Eagle Honor Roll

Troop One Eagle Scout Honor Roll

 2023 – Raagav Kuraganti, Christopher Rickard, Kyle Chy, Matthew Wright, Joseph Nelly, Matthew Berendt, Parker Michels, and Braden Munn

2022 – Tucker Donegan, Logan Griffin, Ryan Medvegy, Ryan Treat, and Kiernan Wilson

2021 – Brian Zirkel and Jacob Papazoglou
2020 – Anthony Capua, Bryant Wardman, Ethan Harrigan, Brandon Bartholomew, James Rodrigues, William Auscavitch, Corey James, and Ryan Bailey
2019 – Marco Buschauer, Anthony DiStefano, Jack Iaffaldano, and Benjamin Nuttall
2018 – Matt DeLuica, Ryan Lapadula, Guiseppe Marvuli, and Gavin Krois
2017 – Jack Finnegan, Ryan Leary, Kenny Wright, Brian Elliot, Liam Nuttal, Matt Rodrigues, Owen Brennan, and Ronald Gaul
2016 – Shawn Ferrente, Joseph Mugford, John Castello, Jacob Hollander, and Kyle Krois
2015 – Tyler Lambiase, Zach Ourfalian, Thomas Kennedy, Connor Shaw, Nicholas Shaw, William Panzella, James Mercaldo, Kyle Soviero, and Richard Kratzer
2014 – Garrette Glynn, Pierce Holveck, Diego Paige, and Christopher Mercaldo
2013 – Colby Brennan and Joshua Sussan
2012 – Stephen Povroznik, Jason Savisky, William Weishaupt, Christian Lofthouse, Patrick Leary, Dan Murray, Mark Bluemer, Jacob Wilczek, John Lawless, and Matthew Oulette
2011 – Scott Booth
2010 – Josh Paton, Nate Jones, and Bryan Niebanck
2009 – Andrew Kowalski, Matthew Natalie, Evan Rule, and Alexander Podpolucha
2008 – Ryan Bradley, Justin Leonard, Christopher Contaras, Kent Dunlevy, and Joseph Hanna
2007 – Paul Albanese and Seth Rule
2006 – Sean Manson and Bill Carroll
2005 – Kevin Krusewski
2004 – Geoff Dean, James Murray, and Matthew Tougas
2002 – Tim Healey and James Castignoli
2001 – Christopher Pramuka and Daniel Henchman
2000 – Russell Henchman and Douglas Poole
1999 – Robert Black
1998 – Brandon Bruce, Robert Healey, Joseph Puskar, Brett Reilly, and Seth Willox
1997 – William Healy, Jason Kubicko, and Eric Mohr
1996 – Christopher Healy and Patrick Kuba
1995 – Richard Obert
1994 – Andrew Mitchell
1993 – David Reynolds
1992 – Bart Krom, Christopher Mezza, and Scott Preiss
1991 – Matthew Coviello, Lindsay King, and Daniel Reynolds
1990 – James Donegan, William Lambiase, Brian Ogrisek, and Grant Seelgen
1989 – Burvee Franz III, Keith Satterlee, and John Paul Wise
1988 – Richard Freeth and Gideon King
1987 – Martin Coderre
1986 – Mark Krom Jr. and Todd Richards
1985 – Anthony Preiss

Our Eagle Scout Honor Roll goes back to 1985, although there were many Eagles prior to 1985, which we do not have information on.  If you are a former member or Eagle Scout from Troop 1 with information prior to 1985, please contact us at webmaster@troop1milford.org